A bit about what we do.

We provide support and consultancy in spatial research and digital cartography. Have a look at the service we provide just below.

Mapping and visualization tools.

We identify, research and analyse some of the best tools and software to be used with spatial data. Whether you want to source, analyse, or visualize spatial information, we are here to identify the best tools to be used for your project, from desktop GIS systems to web based client side mapping tools.

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Data processing and analysis.

In the age of data, it is vital to dissect information quickly and effectively in order to bring out the most relevant insights. We are here to support through the stages of geo-data planning and helping you to effectively deliver geo-spatial data through various mapping applications.

  • Managing databases as part of your spatial data infrastructure.
  • Preparing, processing and mapping open data.
  • Analyzing and trending spatial information.

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    Training and support.

    Take control of open data and create your mapping and research tools in a fraction of the time. We provide bespoke training sessions to get you acquainted with the basics of GIS, client side web mapping and spatial data formatting.

    These workshop sessions are designed to teach you how to use set up and use open source GIS systems and to understand what goes on in your web-mapping applications.

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